Once Strangers (Series 03)

Series Three (03) is PLDT Enterprise’s unpaid commission work to produce emotional photos of the different leaders in the group. This was used in PLDT Enterprise’s video town hall presentation of Senior Vice President Jovy Hernandez indicating the state of PLDT Enterprise in the hopes to rally everyone towards a unified goal of survival. Hernandez wanted to show the different states of the leadership to get all Enterprise Teams to participate in the change he wanted to drive towards the organization. Here are some of my favorites from this series.

There’s no individual story to each of these photos. I didn’t interview them for anything. What was asked of them was to pose accordingly, depending on the theme that Hernandez wanted on his videos. The hardest part of the shoot was extracting the emotion out of each of the Team Heads. It takes a while for them to truly let go and participate. Of everyone, Corinne Zablan was the easiest to work with, easily crying or laughing on demand. Victor Aliwalas was a natural given his “natural state of being an actor”. It was a generally fun shoot with Brand Equity Managers and Cycling Influencers Sara de Guzman and Bien Homillada, still part of the PLDT Enterprise Team. All shots were taken with a Leica M246 (Monochrom) and a 50mm f1.1 Voigtlander mounted on a Really Right Stuff tripod. Adjustments were done straight in Adobe Lightroom CC. A few of the images had their contrast and structure adjusted, depending on the desired effect by Hernandez for his video. There are at least 15 PLDT Enterprise Heads that participated in this program. Once Strangers Series 01 and 02 are located in the links: Series 01 and Series 02 if you are interested to read through.