Once Strangers (Series 03)

Series Three (03) is PLDT Enterprise’s unpaid commission work to produce emotional photos of the different leaders in the group. This was used in PLDT Enterprise’s video town hall presentation of Senior Vice President Jovy Hernandez indicating the state of PLDT Enterprise.

Bridging The Digital Divide

For three years and three months, my role was to drive partnerships with universities, and LGUs, to facilitate the rollout of free internet in their areas.

Once Strangers (Series 02)

Series One talks about my first unrefined attempt to make a meaningful connection with the people I photograph. It has been roughly a year since that first entry, and I felt a need to update and refresh the series with a new set.

Santo Niño Shrine and Museum

Tacloban’s Santo Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum is one of many rest houses that the late President Ferdinand Marcos had built for his family.

Richard Gutierrez: Ang Supremo

Richard Gutierrez, also known as Supremo, the anti-hero in the popular recently concluded TV series “La Luna Sangre”. After the end of his popular show, he’s taking a break from work.