San Juan’s Connected Experience

A few years ago, Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) has inked an agreement with the local government of San Juan to bolster the city’s bid to become a smart city. 

Bridging The Digital Divide

For three years and three months, my role was to drive partnerships with universities, and LGUs, to facilitate the rollout of free internet in their areas.

Santo Niño Shrine and Museum

Tacloban’s Santo Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum is one of many rest houses that the late President Ferdinand Marcos had built for his family.

Philippine National Museum

The National Museum of the Philippines is an educational and cultural institution in preserving the national art collections. The National Museum of the Philippines has deemed as regulatory and enforcement agency.

Monochrome BGC Diagonals

The Absence of Color

The absence of color is the 18th design change of my personal blog and hopefully the last one. I’ll be focusing on creating monochrome images over colored ones.

Hidden Gem: Nan Lian Garden

If you haven’t noticed by now that my favorite go-to destination has been Hong Kong. My wife and I traveled back a as part of our pilgrimage to the city that never sleeps.

Founders of Red Wing Philippines

Red Wing Philippines Get Together

The Red Wing Philippines Get Together was a recovery meeting, similar to how former addicts meet on a regular basis to sit down and discuss their substance abuse.