Monochrome BGC Diagonals

The Absence of Color

The absence of color is the 18th design change of my personal blog and hopefully the last one. I’ll be focusing on creating monochrome images over colored ones, simply because that has been the original intent of this blog. I’ve been distracted by my career for the past few months, forgetting to focus on my core shooting style. Moving forward, a majority of the images that will be posted will negate color and favor monochrome.

I’ve been asked several times in different interviews why I love monochrome, the answer is pretty simple: drama.  I’ve fallen in love with the dance of millions of greys from dark to light areas that each picture offers. This adds to the overall drama of an image, where it tells a more interesting story over color. Monochrome adds adds to the weight and message of story telling, focusing your senses and drawing you into the image.

In most cases, my photos has to be very dark and deep with hints of white details coming out. This has been my style that has evolved after years of editing black and white images. I prefer the minimalist and straight forward aesthetic that this style brings. It still distill the essence and drama of the photograph void of any distraction.