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Richard Gutierrez, Leica Photographer
Once Strangers,

Richard Gutierrez: Ang Supremo

Richard Gutierrez, also known as Supremo, the anti-hero in the popular recently concluded TV series “La Luna Sangre”. After the end of his popular show, he’s taking a break from work, and concentrating on two things: 1.) his passion for photography and cinematography, and 2.) his family, especially with his better half, Sarah Lahbati giving birth to their new born Kai. As I write this entry, the family is on

Colorblind, Once Strangers,

Once Strangers (Series One)

These are a collection of monochrome portraits accumulated over the past few years, shot in different parts of the world whenever the opportunity presents itself. Some are by chance, others are of friends and family, all of them were once strangers to me, hence the title. This is one of a series of photos that will be posted over the lifetime of this blog. I shoot these portraits in color

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