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A former photographer turned GTM and marketing professional. He is currently working as a technology product manager for an Ayala company after working for one of the world's top smartphone brands. He still is traveling and shooting with his Leica Q and M240 whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Richard Gutierrez, Leica Photographer
Once Strangers,

Richard Gutierrez: Ang Supremo

Richard Gutierrez, also known as Supremo, the anti-hero in the popular recently concluded TV series “La Luna Sangre”. After the end of his popular show, he’s taking a break from work, and concentrating on two things: 1.) his passion for photography and cinematography, and 2.) his family, especially with his better half, Sarah Lahbati giving birth to their new born Kai. As I write this entry, the family is on


Hidden Gem: Ovolo Southside

We arrived in Hong Kong late, at around 8PM. We took the Airport Express to Central and took Bus 90 to Wong Chuk Hang. We found ourselves located in Hong Kong’s soon to be art district near Ocean Park. After a 3-minute walk in 13 degrees of cold and wind, we were able to find the boutique art hotel, Ovolo Southside. The building used to be a warehouse / office

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Colorblind, Once Strangers,

Once Strangers (Series One)

These are a collection of monochrome portraits accumulated over the past few years, shot in different parts of the world whenever the opportunity presents itself. Some are by chance, others are of friends and family, all of them were once strangers to me, hence the title. This is one of a series of photos that will be posted over the lifetime of this blog. I shoot these portraits in color

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Hidden Gem: Mr. and Mrs. Fox

Incredible, that’s the best description that I can give Mr. and Mrs. Fox. Occupying three floors of the Taikoo Place Apartments, Mr. and Mrs. Fox is the talk of the town. Each floor has a distinct menu that caters to a different dining experience. The ground floor, Mrs. Fox, serves mostly burgers, fries and food thats goes really well with a cold brewskie. The second floor, Mr. Fox, is a

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Monochrome BGC Diagonals

The Absence of Color

The absence of color is the 18th design change of my personal blog and hopefully the last one. I’ll be focusing on creating monochrome images over colored ones, simply because that has been the original intent of this blog. I’ve been distracted by my career for the past few months, forgetting to focus on my core shooting style. Moving forward, a majority of the images that will be posted will

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